Elevator Rose

From the left to the right: Frederick Trumpy, Ela Polak, Vasudevan Panicker, Joseph Fee. Photo by Emmanuel Cruz

I would like to introduce to you a contemporary music ensemble whose member I am: Elevator Rose (or E Rose). Currently there are 4 of us: Vasudevan Panicker (piano), Joseph Fee (percussion/ guitar), Frederick Trumpy (percussion) and my humble self on the violin. We’ve been playing together for a couple of years now, commissioning a lot of new music. We collaborate with different composers, mostly from New York City (Howie Kenty, Sunny Knable, Daniel Liot Fine) .We also play some good Oldies songs, like stuff by Andriessen and Cage. And the last but least – the group members do compose sometimes too…

We strive to give representation to whatever the zeitgeist is – reflecting social unrest; experimenting with the interplay between cinema and music; examining this sometimes fine line between indie rock and classical alternative; meditating through music…

We do have some upcoming events: on September 10th we will participate in Cage festival, performing his famous Credo in Us.

On November 5th we will be performing a more political show, sharing the bill with some of NY most outrageous revolutionaries…

Keep coming back for more details!!!!

For now, hope you will enjoy our performance at this year’s Music with a View festival. We played an amazing composition by Howie Kenty, In the Darkness!  xo



About ela polak

Violinist, you can hear me on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/violinessa/videos
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