Concert Alert!

Hey everyone,

This Friday, October the 5th, at 7.30, I will have a pleasure of performing with Emy Todoroki-Schwartz in a beautiful concert hall of Saint Cecilia Music School in the Bronx! The school is at 138th street, close to the 6 train station (first stop in the Bronx).

We will play some old stuff and some new one: Sarasate, Beethoven, Ravel, Bartok and a new piece by Daniel Barkley, my twitter buddy from Ireland (@DanielBarkley), Tango! This one I’m particularly excited about, I think it’ll fit perfectly in the program.

The concert hall has been recently renovated and, in my humble opinion, is among the prettiest mid-sized performance spaces in NY. It’s a part of an old convent building, right by the gorgeous Saint Jerome Church.

Admission is free and I hope to see you there! xoxo



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