Concert in The Stone!


Hey Everyone,
After a great time in JACK on December 5th, Elevator Rose is striking again – on December 28th we will be performing in The Stone, run by legendary John Zorn. We teamed up with amazing young composer Howie Kenty to perform his compositions – In the Darkness and Tricycle. Both compositions are of rather gloomy quality, perfect for a long and cold December night! In the Darkness accompanies (or is accompanied by) a video projection, bearing strong resemblance to the style of Un Chien Andalou, Surrealist masterpiece by Buñuel and Dali. This will be the second live performance of this amazing piece, after Elevator Rose premiered it at Music with a View Festival in May 2012.
You also don’t want to miss Tricycle – strongly influenced by rock music, with pulsating percussion and guitar riffs. My violin sound will be also processed in order to reach new dreamy realms where classical meets experimental.

Our concert in The Stone will also mark the 3rd time Elevator Rose is performing Howie’s music, which probably means that we are meant to be together. 

Our set will be opened by violinist Adrianna Mateo performing solo compositions by Howie.
The concert starts at 10.00 pm, admission is $10. The Stone’s website:

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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