Hi Everyone,

I would to invite you to 2 awesome events happening within next couple of days.
On Sunday 10/27 at 8.00 I will be performing with a contemporary ensemble Klangfarbenatrix (Robert Lopez filling in for Tim Black – percussion, Nick Kanozik – piano, Josh Marshall – saxophones) at Berkeley Arts Festival (2133 University Avenue, Berkeley). The concert starts at 8.00, we hit at 9.00! It’s going to be super fun, Nick will manipulate boxes with tiny drawers to make us play stuff, you will also hear some free improv!!
On November 6th I will be playing with awesome George Cole and his Gypsy Jazz group, at 6.30, at PIQ Bakery (Downtown Berkeley). You can check his project out here: I am very excited to be a part of it, channeling my inner Stephane Grappelli 😉 Super slick music. 
 Finally I would like to share with you a video made by Clifford Brown III, set to music also produced by him. I had a great pleasure to play violin on this project. Clifford processed my sound, achieving some crazy guitar like effects. Also, you can see me in the video 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!!


About ela polak

Violinist, you can hear me on YouTube:
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